_Off The Grid with Leigh Patterson, Founder of Moon Lists

_Off The Grid with Leigh Patterson, Founder of Moon Lists

To be soft and still, we must first be curious about the world and the stories we keep. To tap into those uninterrupted moments of repose, we turned to our friend, Leigh Patterson of Moon Lists. Leigh is an editorial and creative director in Los Angeles. Her work includes the ongoing personal project Moon Lists, which reconsiders the practice of guided journaling through a filter of esoterica, playfulness, and extreme specificity. 

Leigh created a workbook to accompany our Fall 22 campaign, and answered her own prompts during a week of traveling through the stillness of New Mexico. Through these prompts, Leigh reveals her reflections and observations–some big, some small. These are her truths, and we hope it inspires you to find yours, too.



"All of us have to learn to invent our
lives, make them up, imagine them.”
–Ursula Leguin

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