Are Silk Pajamas Breathable?

Are Silk Pajamas Breathable?

Yes, definitely

Silk is an ancient, elegant protein-based fiber. These gorgeous, hypoallergenic fabrics do not absorb moisture or natural oils from your skin. Silk will quickly release moisture and heat from your body if you’re a ‘hot sleeper.’ This special attribute offers timeless comfort, especially during seasonal changes. 

Conversely, because silk helps to retain your body’s moisture, this works to keep you warm in cooler climates and will even adjust to the seasons as they change. This is just one more aspect of this special material making silk the perfect pajama or sleepwear fabric.

When it’s time to wash your silk sets, the repellant aspects of silk aid in the handwashing of the items. They’re easy to clean because dirt and oils tend to not attach to these fibers. So all you’ll really need is cool water and your most gentle shampoo in a sink. Followed by a quick towel blot dry, then to be hung on a padded hanger, out of direct sunlight.

At Eberjey, we understand that handwashing silk can be time-consuming, and stopping by the dry cleaner is even more so. We created our elegant machine-washable silk collection for women who already do it all.

Is it Comfortable to Sleep in Silk Pajamas?

Silk is an extremely comfortable, highly revered, and luxurious fabric. Not only is it hypoallergenic by nature, but it has a high-tinsel strength, making it incredibly long-lasting and resistant to pilling when correctly taken care of.

As mentioned above, silk also offers thermo-regulating aspects. This is not something to overlook, especially if you’re the type that’s ever gone to bed with socks on, only to push them off with your toes in the middle of the night.

Unlike flannel and cotton, wearing silk can be so comfortable that it feels like you're enveloped in a calm, sophisticated elegance that few get to enjoy. 

Sure we all have those favorite, old t-shirts that are comfortable to sleep in, but then there’s silk.

If we spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, how do we want to treat ourselves? How could we take that quality, regenerative time to the next level — setting us up to make our tomorrow the best day possible?

Is Silk a Good Material for Pajamas?

Actually, it’s hard to imagine a better fabric for sleepwear. When it’s time to relax for the evening, what could be better than adorning yourself with your best pajama set

Not only are you now wearing your favorite colors, but your body is wrapped in one of the most luxurious, yet durable fabrics known to humans. 

At the same time, you’ll look great if you have to answer the door for a package or jump on an unexpected Zoom meeting. What could be better?

What are the Best Sheets to Have With Silk Pajamas?

There are no statistics here, but it’s something worth considering. 

Being that silk does such a great job of thermo-regulating body temperature while feeling incredible on the skin, doesn’t it make sense to have some contrast with your bed linens? 

It’s difficult to imagine one slip/slide/swimming in silk all over their bed and being comfortable with that situation. Could too much silk be a bad thing? We think it’s possible and don’t personally opt for silk sheets.

So silk pajamas and linen, or a Pima Cotton bed set? Maybe a special silk pillowcase for Saturday nights? Let’s love our silk when, where and how it makes the most sense.

Are Silk Pajamas Better for Summer, or Winter?

Surprisingly, silk sleepwear is fine for all seasons. It’s a sustainable, hypoallergenic, protein-based fabric with particular properties fitting for most climates. 

Imagine centuries ago, when there was no automatic air-conditioning, de/humidifiers or central heating. What did the royals prefer to sleep in? Silk.

Silk fabrics help to retain your skin's natural moisture, which means that it helps retain a steady body temperature when you’re asleep. This aids in keeping you feeling fantastic and forever in luxury. Sweet dreams. 

Washable Silk by Eberjey

What could be better? Luxury with ease of use and care. Silk is a special fabric- more than a classic, it’s almost timeless. Our washable silk pajamas are produced with the highest environmental standards brought to you in the most hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and luxurious sleeping experience we’ve found possible.

However, we recognize that the modern woman is busy, so silk products that are low maintenance while retaining all of their best attributes were what we were after. Simply add your garments in with your other delicates and get on with your day.

Luxurious, practical, beautifully modern — it’s the Eberjey way.

Eberjey is here for your soulful comfort through long-lasting quality sleep and loungewear. We offer luxurious collections for women, men, and children. Here are our other links for more information about us, our fabrics, our journal, corporate gifting, and of course, how to contact us. #eberjey