12 Hours In Washable Silk With Babba C. Rivera

12 Hours In Washable Silk With Babba C. Rivera

On any given day, Babba C. Rivera is balancing motherhood, work, and advocating for women’s empowerment. As the founder of Ceremoniaa clean hair care brand rooted in Latinx heritage, the Swedish Latina entrepreneur takes a nourishing approach to her daily rituals.  

Her ability to infuse luxurious little moments into her busy schedule (and make it look effortless) is the exact reason we sent her our new Inez Washable Silk collection. Brilliantly captured wearing her favorite picks, Babba gives us a rundown of her routine. 


I love waking up and drinking tea while holding my daughter, Alma. It’s a sacred time for me to be with her and have some quiet time before the day begins. My go-to is lemon tea! I am not a coffee drinker, but tea is always something I have daily. 

My secret to glowing skin is drinking waterhaving a reusable water bottle helps with this a lot.  

I’ll start the morning by gently massaging my face and doing a minimal skincare routine. As someone who is prone to dryness, moisturizing is super important to me. My favorite lotion is from Tulip. As far as hair care, of course I love using the Aceite de Moska with the Scalp Massager. Healthy hair really does start at the scalp and this remedy oil by Ceremonia has helped it feel nourished while also promoting hair growth and shine. 

I started Ceremonia because I felt there was not a lot of representation within the hair and beauty space for Latinx individuals. To be able to offer the representation that I never had for others is so rewarding and important to me.” 


Balancing each of the different areas of my life can be hard, but it’s something I enjoy juggling that feels empowering at the same time. I rely on my team and my nanny heavily. As a woman, there can often be very rigid boundaries with what is expected if you want to be a mom, have a career, etc.  
Any time I can include my daughter in something, I will. She is the star of my Zoom calls sometimes! But Fridays are reserved exclusively for her and for family.  

“I try to schedule morning workouts and evening facials for some ‘me time’.” 


I head out for a nature walk after lunch. It’s a moment to help with digestion and get some fresh air. It’s important that I get some sun throughout the day now that we are inside more. 
I enjoy being outdoors, especially when I’m at my home upstate. There’s a lot of space to walk, roam, and be surrounded by nature and trees. I also love playing tennis! 


After a date night with Carl, I’ll usually put on some jazz. The music helps me disconnect and wind down. I sip tea before bed and make sure to put my phone on Do Not Disturb after getting a look at the next day’s schedule.  

“A good night's sleep is a dark room, curtains closed with big pillows.” 

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