Becoming, Being, And Learning To Be a Dad

Becoming, Being, And Learning To Be a Dad

Father of three, Bee Nguyen, shares the joys and challenges of fatherhood.

When you think about dad, it’s likely many things come to mind. Maybe it’s the lessons he taught you, like how to change a tire or to always be on time. Maybe it’s the forced laughter at the dad jokes, or all the advice you didn’t ask for, but glad you received. And although he’s probably made it look like a breeze, being a dad is everything but that. It’s challenging, joyful, intuitive, and complex, all at the same time. 

To ask how being a dad has changed him, we sat down with Bee Nguyen. He’s a husband to TyLynn, an avid golfer, and a brand strategist. But his favorite, most rewarding role of all? Being a father to three little ones. Here, Bee chats about patience, balance, and the importance of showing up for yourself in order to show up for your family. You’re going to want to call your dad after this one.


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