Self-Love Talk With Shelcy and Christy Joseph

Self-Love Talk With Shelcy and Christy Joseph

Valentine’s Day (and every day) isn’t just for lovers. It’s for you. It’s for daydreaming at a spa while sipping on some bubbly in your softest lounge set. It's for slowing down for hot yoga and home-cooked comfort meals. No special occasion or celebration needed. For the Joseph sisters, it’s a touch of all of these things rolled up into one self-love hug. 

Meet Shelcy and Christy Joseph. They’re the sister duo behind fashion and lifestyle media platform NYCxClothes and founders of NYCxStudio, a DE&I consulting agency connecting brands and creators. In other words, they’re bosses.

And although they’re no strangers to hard work and hustle, Shelcy and Christy also know that success and self-love go hand-in-hand. From feel-good must-haves to debunking expensive self-care tips, the Joseph sisters share their self-love tips. 


Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do.
We are Shelcy and Christy, the sister duo behind fashion and lifestyle media platform NYCxClothes. We are also the founders of NYCxStudio, a DE&I consulting agency connecting brands and creators. By day, Shelcy also works as a fashion editor at POPSUGAR, while Chris freelances in social video production and social media.

What inspired you to get into the industry?
NYCXCLOTHES was first a creative outlet to document our adventures in New York City, and later grew into a platform to host conversations using fashion and lifestyle as a vehicle. It was our passion for community and storytelling that drew us to the industry. Fashion is something we can all connect on, and it’s the ultimate self-expression tool. So, it’s easier to engage people through that lens.



What was the driving force behind starting NYCxStudio?
Having worked in the industry for over 10 years combined, we noticed a lack of transparency between agencies and brands, and an unwillingness to truly embrace equity or inclusion. Brands would have occasional diversity moments, but they would often be done in a superficial way. We set out to create a more collaborative and multi-dimensional connection between brands and creators, while centering community and inclusive storytelling.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to know how you define love.
S: That wholesome feeling you get from being around people who bring you joy.
C: The people you lean on every day. Those you call your “ride or die.”




What has your journey to confidence been like?
S: Full of ups and downs! I was often bullied in high school, and it was a really hard but ultimately formative experience. I eventually got the courage to face these bullies head-on, and after moving here and being around so many different people in New York, I became more comfortable with my style.
C: I echo what Shells said–it’s had its highs and lows. Seeing people who looked like me online has definitely reaffirmed my presence in certain spaces, too.

What’s the best advice on self-love you’ve ever received?
S: That it starts from within.
C: That there is no one like you.

Can you share some tips for building trust in yourself?
Fashion has always been this tool for us to experiment and be a little braver. Clothes can be a fun challenge that will ultimately help you feel more confident in how you show up with the world. Another important way is to consistently get feedback from those around you.


What’s a beauty myth you’d love to debunk?
That self-care needs to cost a lot of money.

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?
S: Getting a massage or enjoying a lazy morning in bed.
C: Listening to music, cooking myself a meal, and lighting a Diptyque candle.

What are your three must-haves for feeling your best?
S: A good workout, a home cooked meal, and a positive mindset.
C: A healthy breakfast, some uplifting music, and good food.