Festive and <i>Cozy</i> With Sasha and Oli Benz

Festive and Cozy With Sasha and Oli Benz

Montauk-based couple and parents of three little ones, Sasha and Oli Benz share their favorite holiday memories, winter rituals and more. 

Meet Sasha and Oli Benz, Montauk-based entrepreneurs and parents to three little ones. Sasha is the owner of in-store and online clothing boutique, Wyld Blue. Her other half, Oli, is a model and DJ. Originally from Australia, the couple plans to return home for the holidays and spend time with loved ones, all while cozying up in the softest PJ’s together.

In our chat with the Benzes, we dive into winter traditions, their favorite family holiday memories and more.

We’re getting ready to celebrate the holidays. What are you all looking forward to?
Every year, we go back to Australia for the holidays. It's an amazing time to take a break, visit our family and friends, spend time by the beach, and explore what's new in Australia. I always come back refreshed and with so many new ideas for Wyld Blue, inspired by my travels home and time with loved ones.

You and Oli are both from Australia — what are the biggest differences to celebrating holidays here? What traditions have you carried over and what’s new?
The most obvious difference is the weather; so, everything is in reverse. We had never experienced a white Christmas until we moved to NY.

For us, Christmas and New Year involve the beach, a boat, or being in or on the ocean somehow. It's incredibly warm, summery, and just a different celebration in general.

They both offer so many wonderful experiences; we have done a mix, and some of my favorite memories have been cozy by a fireplace, opening presents as the snow falls.

Either way, there are always kids running around, cocktails being made, great tunes by Oli, and rooms filled with the best energy and love. We like to end the holidays in pajamas, and I can’t wait to do it in Eberjey this year.

What is your favorite holiday memory?
2020 Christmas was a standout. 

We were still in the midst of COVID, and the world was a pretty uncertain place. Oli and I had just had our third baby, Haze, only weeks before, right at the same time as opening our Aspen location, which happened two weeks prior. I was exhausted - drained emotionally, physically, and financially. I was so sad about not being able to travel home to see my family that year. But I remember waking up on Christmas morning and feeling like my heart was so full it could burst. My three kids, husband, growing business against all odds, and there we were, experiencing our first white Christmas ever, in Aspen. It felt very surreal and perfect for some reason. I have a photo from that morning, and every time I look at it, I get that feeling.

All the Rest

We love celebrating the holidays in PJ’s. How does Eberjey make you all feel when you’re in them?
Eberjey embodies everything we love in our home: comfort and style. It's super soft, luxurious, but also just comfortable. The kids haven't taken them off since we received them last year. (I have to wash them sometimes first thing in the morning so they are ready by bedtime; otherwise, we are in trouble!)

Name something that is similar to the feeling of being in Eberjey.
For Mum, being in Eberjey feels like that moment when you finally get off your feet after a long day.

For Oli, it's like that sip of tequila when you need it the most, warm all over!

For the kids, I think it means comfort and their favorite part of bedtime: snuggles and reading books with Mum and Dad.

What do your nightly rituals in the winter look like?
We always have the fireplace running with jazz in the background and a bottle of wine open. Oli and I are super hands-on with the kids, but we love to enjoy our evenings. We sit with the kids through dinner and talk about the day. Then comes the hard part: bath and bedtime, which is no one's favorite time. But once the kids are down, we hang out in our pajamas with a glass of red and watch a documentary. Lately, we've been on a documentary binge.

What can’t you live without on your nightstand?
My phone and a glass water bottle.

Sasha and Oli's Looks

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