Home Away From Home With Elora Joshi

Home Away From Home With Elora Joshi

Los Angeles-based creative strategist, Elora Joshi finds new rituals during her three month stay in Europe.

After calling Los Angeles home her entire life, creative strategist Elora Joshi and her partner packed their bags and headed to Europe for a three month adventure, testing out new cities to call home.  

From roaming Italian cobblestone roads to cozying up in Paris flats, Elora shares her travels with us as she picked up new rituals and held onto a few of her own along the way. Here, we talk sleep routines, her definition of the perfect space, travel tips, and what she’s learned on the road.

On the Itinerary

You are traveling for the next few months and calling Europe home, how exciting! What sparked your decision?
I've always called Los Angeles home. It's such a comfortable city, and I very much enjoy the slowness - the time and space to think, plan, and be in my own world. And the sunshine, of course! However, more recently, I've felt a need for greater inspiration and community. This may be because I've spent over three decades in LA and just need a change of scenery or possibly because I've recently shifted from in-house work to agency work. I find myself wanting to have a deeper understanding of what's happening culturally so I can think more creatively about my work. LA is a magical place, and I'm so happy to call it home, but I envision a future for myself in which I am able to call another city home, at least part-time.

Home is a special place that means something different for each person. What does it mean to you?
Some (my partner, Andrew) might say I'm a very particular person when it comes to how I live. For me, home is a special place where everything I am particular about comes together.

You have a beautiful eye and this definitely shows in your LA home. What were your criteria and priorities when choosing accommodations in Europe?
I was pretty nervous in the lead-up to the three month trip, knowing I wouldn't be able to retreat back to my home in LA when I got uncomfortable. When I'm in LA, I spend quite a bit of time at home. I work from there, I cook most of my meals at home, and it's generally a place I enjoy being in most days. When choosing my accommodations in Europe, I decided to prioritize sunlight and outdoor areas. I've always felt most comfortable in spaces that have a connection to the outdoors, whether it's large windows overlooking a street or a backyard. I believe this connection to outdoor spaces is what allows me to spend so much time at home without feeling cooped up inside. I knew that during this three month trip, I would need to find spaces that allowed me to live the way I do in LA; otherwise, the trip wouldn't be a true test run of life in a different city.

Soft Side Rituals

New cultures and environments can tend to bring about new routines and rituals. Any new ones you have adopted?
Other than the small ones, I haven’t adopted too many new routines or rituals. I’m making my morning coffee in more moka pots and fewer drip coffee makers, and I’m also eating dinner a little later.

All the Rest

What rituals have you brought from home to your travels?
I have a few non-negotiable rituals that help me feel normal when traveling. The most important one is my morning coffee time. For my entire adult life, I've spent up to an hour each morning drinking coffee and reading the news (or in the earlier years before Apple News existed, scrolling Tumblr). The first thing I do when I arrive in each city is locate some coffee and milk for the next morning. It's a simple ritual but very much needed!

What does your ideal sleeping space look like?
I need my sleeping space to be free of the clutter of the day in order to feel enough clarity to sleep deeply, so my bedroom is organized very minimally, with very few surfaces on which I can leave things. Just a bed, a bench with some books, a bedside table to hold my water, and a fluffy duvet or comforter. Even in the warmer months, I need the weight of a fluffy blanket on me to sleep.

What do Eberjey PJ’s feel like for you?
I’m a big homebody, and I almost always change into comfortable clothes as soon as I get home (no outside clothes on the bed!), even when traveling. As much as I love Eberjey PJ’s for sleeping, I especially enjoy lounging in them. I've been traveling with sweatpants, but there’s something special about sitting around in my Washable Silk Long PJ’s in the evening while watching TV. It elevates the home experience.

Elora's Looks

Recycled Sweater Cropped Tank - Oat Recycled Sweater Cropped Tank - Oat
Inez Washable Silk Printed Long PJ Set - Petite Batik Indigo Blue/Bone Inez Washable Silk Printed Long PJ Set - Petite Batik Indigo Blue/Bone