Getting Dressed With Sissy Chacon

Getting Dressed With Sissy Chacon

Los Angeles-based stylist, Sissy Chacon dresses up
in our new fall collection. Hint: nearly everything pairs well with a trouser. 

The temps are dropping (or soon will be) and there's no question you’ll want to layer everything once or twice over. As we transition to those chillier days, we’re taking our PJ’s with us from the sheets to the streets. Pair button downs with your favorite pants. Drape a sweater over your bare shoulders and slip into airy washable silk for that two-seasons-in-one-day kind of weather. It’s that fresh fall feeling and your layers should feel just as new, too.

Cue, Sissy, her cat Django, and her iconic braid. She’s a Los Angeles-based stylist, creator, and queen of owning every pair of trousers you've ever wanted. Ahead, Sissy styles five looks for fall, and tells us how she taps into the softer side of life after a long day on set. 




We love a wind down routine and want to inspire others to create their own. What does this look like for you?
I like to take a long drive and listen to my favorite music. I like to meet with friends and just hang out and not pick up my phone for hours. I love to have mini film fests in my bed where I watch three or four films by one director. When I have the time, I love to go somewhere quiet and read a good book.  

    Tell us, what are you contemplating?
    Trying to decide if I should cave and start a TikTok or keep resisting. 

    When the world slowed down, we learned that one can learn a lot in a single year. What was your biggest learning in the past year?
    This year, I learned that I’m not the socially awkward loner I thought I was. I am actually quite a social butterfly…still socially awkward though.



    Describe when you feel the happiest. 
    When I’m creatively fulfilled or when I feel valued and appreciated. 

    Tell us what comfort looks like for you.
    I feel most comforted when I count my blessings.



    What's exciting you?
    The world getting to hear my husband Eddie Chacon’s new album when it comes out early next year.  

    Dear twenty year-old self, you'll be surprised to know...
    I like being me. 


    If I weren’t a stylist...
    I’d be dissatisfied and unfulfilled and wish I were a stylist. I know because I tried so many things in this lifetime that weren’t my calling - teaching, selling vintage clothing, music - and this has been the most aligned career path for me. I guess if I had to say one natural progression I hope to bring about, it would be doing more creative direction. I’m an aesthetically particular idea machine and would love to work with great teams to bring my ideas to life. I also love creating content and would love to take it to the next level.