The Art of Interior Design with Madelynn Hudson

The Art of Interior Design with Madelynn Hudson

Brooklyn-based interior designer and tastemaker, Madelynn Hudson has a knack for making a house feel like home through intentionality, one design decision at a time.

Home is where the heart is, and in Madelynn Hudson's case, it's a world of beauty and thoughtful design. Currently renovating her 1910 Brooklyn townhouse, she takes inspiration from her favorite design eras and fashion trends to infuse intentionality and thoughtfulness into every corner of her home. Here, Madelynn shares her go-to bedroom hues, morning routines, and all the things that set the tone for her creative world.




The Art of Inspiration

How does your personal fashion sense translate into your interior design work? Are there any specific elements or themes that you often carry over? 
My personal style tends to be timeless and classic, with an occasional statement piece. I tend to gravitate towards classics like a good trouser, a pair of denim, and a silk button-up, but I love the occasional all-red look, for example. I would definitely say that it carries over into my interior designs. I tend to stick to classics in design and more formal layouts, for example, but I love a unique vintage find, and lately, I have been obsessed with zebra prints.

Where are you drawing from in your creative process when designing interior spaces? 

Lots of 1920s brutalist and art deco design, mostly from places like Italy and France. Think lots of silver, walnut burl woods, and deep moody jewel tones. It's my favorite era of design, and because our house was built during this time, we are designing it to feel like a modernized time capsule. We are also really inspired by the blues and reds present in 90s fashion editorials and are pulling a lot of inspiration from those as well.

You’ve done so many beautiful projects. Tell us about a time where your fashion sense played a significant role in shaping the overall design? What were the key elements that connected the two?

Thank you! I would say the first home I designed for myself in LA felt very inspired by my fashion sense. I remember once realizing that my vintage Moroccan living room rug matched my favorite bag at the time (they were both black and white checkered). I think this happens more often than you would think, and I love how the trends I see on the runways tend to also make it into interiors. For example, everyone is loving the color red lately - in fashion, it’s all over the runways, on TikTok, everyone was talking about a “tomato” girl summer, and in interiors, I've seen it used for a bold pop or a fully monochrome room.


Home Life

Your new home is beautiful, congratulations! What an exciting project ahead. In your renovation search, what stuck out to you? What made it feel like home to you?

There was a moment when we first walked through the space where my husband and I looked at each other, and we were both beaming. We knew it was the perfect spot pretty quickly, and it was only the third property we looked at! It has a very feminine/masculine balance in its architecture - stunning moldings without the typical Italian architectural flourishes that you would see in earlier builds in Brooklyn. We also love that it has a more unique floor plan than a typical brownstone, and details like the gridded French doors that lead to our living room are so rare to find untouched. We are really excited to scrub off 100 layers of paint and bring the space back to its former glory. It's a home that we can really see ourselves living in for a very long time.

We’re all about making the bedroom feel like a cozy sanctuary. What are some essential design elements you like to integrate into your bedroom to achieve that soothing atmosphere? 

I'm currently designing my bedroom and incorporating lots of soft, flowy linens, which are essential for a good night's rest, as well as cooler tones, like deep maroons and grays. I love the idea of painting a bedroom a soft, soothing gray color; it feels serene and dreamlike.

All the Rest

What’s your go-to PJ after a long day?

I love silk PJs. I tend to run a bit hot, so the feeling of cold silk on my skin is a must! I love the classic fit and fun pops of print..

Must-have morning items? How do you like to get your day going?

Three items I can't live without in the morning are a good cup of coffee, some incense, and a silk robe. I love burning incense with my coffee and setting intentions for the day. I also tend to take my mornings pretty slow, so I live in a robe during the first hours of the day. Usually, my husband, Nick and I will take our pup for a long walk and talk over our day before we each go our separate ways.

Any sleep tips and tricks you live by? 
Nothing crazy, luckily I'm a great sleeper! But Nick has been making me watch Seinfeld (I'd never seen it before – I'm obsessed!), so we've been making a cup of herbal tea and watching an episode or two before bed. I love hibiscus tea in the warmer months; plus, it's great for regulating hormones. We also share the bed with our 120 lb Great Dane, so snuggles are a must - also crucial to claim your covers before she builds her nest and steals them all.



Madelynn's Looks

Inez Washable Silk Printed Short PJ Set - Petite Batik Indigo Blue/Bone Inez Washable Silk Printed Short PJ Set - Petite Batik Indigo Blue/Bone
Recycled Boucle Hoodie - Ivory Recycled Boucle Hoodie - Ivory
Recycled Boucle Relaxed Fit Pant - Ivory Recycled Boucle Relaxed Fit Pant - Ivory